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Bug Brigade Apprenticeship Opportunities

APRIL 2015

We're starting an apprentice program. Do you know someone who wants to change careers or a young person looking to start a career? We have a part-time position which will allow someone to develop into a successful pest control tech and possible supervisory role in the future. Contact us for details

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Here's What You Can't Do When Bat Mating Season Begins

APRIL 2015

For the next four months, bats and their pups are highly protected.In Florida, it's illegal to remove or disturb bats from April 16 through Aug. 14. If they make it into your home, you most likely will have to deal with them...

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We Accidentally Created A Super Termite Hybrid In Florida

MARCH 2015

You know all those stories where humans accidentally create a monster that eventually runs amok and destroys everything? That cautionary tale is playing out in real-time in Florida right now. With termites...

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Brown Recluse Spider is Sneaky, Dangerous

SEPT 2014

Deaths from the bite of a brown recluse spider are rare, but it's still important to seek immediate medical treatment for any type of spider bite, said Dr. Robert Duggan, a podiatric specialist with Physician Associates who practices at Orlando Regional Medical Center and Dr. P. Phillips Hospital...

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Happy Customers

bug brigade reviews
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to say that Bug Brigade is the BEST pest control company out there. I have had them for 8 years for that reason. Their techs are well trained, professional, and always are willing to go the extra mile for the customers. My entire family, and some of my neighbors also use Bug Brigade.” ”

    — Daniel S.

  • “I have had Bug Brigade doing my pest and termite services for many years. What great people to work with. If I have a problem, which rarely happens, a technician is there that day or the next morning and solves it. I recently had a large outdoor party and Bug Brigade came out and applied a mosquito service which worked great. Everyone was able to stay outside all evening with only a mosquito or two about the whole evening.”

    — Cody S.

  • “From the front office to the field technicians, everyone is always knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Bug Brigade, Inc. comes highly recommended.”

    — Mildred M

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